First album: Une Ombre Régit Les Ombres

« Vois comme l’ombre fuyante indique nos heures, Une ombre régit les ombres, Nous ne sommes que poussière et ombres »

Abduction ‘s 4 plague Doctors are proud to reveal “Une Ombre régit les Ombres”(artwork by Mathieu Taverne and Guillaume Fleury, design Nicolas Butin, photo by Manu Wino, logos by Guillaume Fleury and Jean-Jacques Herrera, inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, backcover by Franck Devedjian).

Their first album which was produced by Déhà (CLOUDS, WE ALL DIE (LAUGHING), MALADIE…) in his HHStudios in Sofia, Bul will be out on October 28th and distributed by Season of Mist, Finisterian Dead End and Code7 in a luxuous 6 panels , 12 pages booklet limited edition digipack.

“Naphtalia”, will be unleashed as a first extract on October 4th.