“Aux Loges Les Dames”, first excerpt of “Jehanne”, to be released on April 29th !

“As Jehanne is a concept album, choosing which song to unveil first was not an easy decision to make. Although the album was designed to be experienced as a whole, we thought that its opening track, “Aux Loges Les Dames”, would be the best possible introduction!

Lyrically, the song takes place at the beginning of the story, its title referring to one of the exact spots where Jehanne heard ‘her voices’ exhorting her to battle. Musically, this song builds a bridge between the previous album and the new one, and sets the mood for the journey to come. Tout est vôtre et y entrez!”


1- Aux Loges Des Dames
2- Par Ce Coeur Les Lys Fleurissent
3- La Chevauchee De La Loire
4- Dieu En Soit Garde
5- Foi En Ses Murs Jusqu’aux Rats
6- Battue Par Les Flots Jamais Ne Sombre
7- Tres Fidele Au Roi Et Au Trone
8- Aux Marches De Lorraine

New album “Jehanne” to be released on April 29th.

French plague doctors ABDUCTION are ready to lift the veil on their third opus ‘Jehanne’. The black metallers’ first concept-album, based on the life of Joan Of Arc (ca 1412 -1431) – one of the most fascinating figures in France’s rich history – will be released on the 29th of April as a remembrance of the day in which Joan entered the besieged city of Orléans in 1429. The cover artwork can be seen below.

‘Jehanne’ will be available in double LP gatefold & digipack CD.

After two years of intensive work, French black metallers ABDUCTION are now ready to lift the veil on their most ambitious work to date: ‘Jehanne’. Composed of eight epic, tragic and passionate songs for a full hour of intense music, this third album manages to set the bar even higher than its predecessors. True to his unique identity, ABDUCTION has meticulously crafted an honest and throat-gripping work that constantly oscillates between raging black metal and peaceful, melancholic acoustic parts, and embarks the listener for an adventurous journey. Engineered, mixed and produced by Déhà (ex-Clouds, Maladie, We All Die Laughing) at his Opus Magnum Studio, Jehanne tells with sturdy passion the story of one of the most fascinating figures in France’s rich History: Joan Of Arc.